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I would love to see the potential for a step-by-step webform

We can start with basic questions and some information from them and once that is done, the link in the thank you form is the next webform where I get more information, or to the questions.

In order to do this it is imperative to be able to pass the information from the first form to the second to avoid duplicates and reentry for the customer.

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  • paul-tech
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    Hi Carolynsdesk

    Iam also interested in this, conditonal logic for forms would be handy, also attaching more than one document at a time.

  • Tom Kmiecik
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    We created something similar for ourselves.

    We get basic information about our customers through a landing page, like name, surname, phone number, and then when we call our customers we ask more specific questions. The form is linked to every deal and prefilled so our customer services does not have to copy past data. Above all, all information are then filled in our system according to what we ask in the form.

    Since we are rpa company, and builded this for ourselves we could to something similar for you for small monthly $$.

    Our web g1ant.com