Any way to link multiple Mails to my inbox?I

I'm a content creator and have multiple mails to stay in contact with different artists.

Like [email protected]

[email protected]

[email protected]

Is there any way to see ALL of them in one inbox view? And to keep seeing the connected mails of ALL of them in the contacts and organisaions views and the timeline?


  • Hey @Feysulah

    There isnt a native way to see various connected emails in Pipedrive. I've not seen an app on the marketplace that allows for this either.

    Maybe post this in ideas & feedback too - gets better reach :)

  • hubspot, vtiger, etc... many others allow you to have multiple emails connected to your inbox.

  • Yeh these other CRM platforms do allow for this, Pipedrive doesn't and I haven't found an integrated app that can allow a workaround for this

  • Ah... I see, you meant an app for pipedrive that allows it... sorry. Misunderstanding!

    Thanks for the reply though!

    A shame they aren't including that. Makes it really hard and needlessly cumbersome to work with pipedrive.

  • No worries at all :)

    Yeh it's something many clients I've worked with have asked and requested it.

    The only workaround I can suggest is connecting your main email inbox and then using the bcc deal email address when sending emails from your other inboxes. Not ideal, I understand but at least it keeps the email within the Deal email chain.

    Hopefully something soon on the roadmap! :)