Tracking Issues

Hello, we are having trouble tracking where our leads come from and what happens to those leads as they move along the sales process. We have many sources for leads and need a way to track and score leads.

Our team qualifies that leads into MQLs and SQLs and then an activity is created. After the meeting, if the prospect is ready to buy our product they request an estimate. Thats when the deal is created and then it moves to either Won or Lost. How do you track the journey before the deal is created? How many leads become MQLs, SQLs, have Meetings, Estimates, etc.


  • Hey @DinahBraude

    Are you using the Leads Inbox?

  • @Edie Mew Yes, I am. But my team only wants to "convert to deal" once the prospect is ready to request an estimate and not before so then I am unable to track "MQL to SQL to Meeting to Estimate"

  • Hey @DinahBraude

    I understand your needs here, Leads Inbox is just an inbox so no tracking of stages and conversion rates. Using Custom Data Fields to track the source (Single option field), maybe adding a cost per lead as a Custom Data Field and then using another Custom Field or Lead Label to then score that Lead. You can track Activities in Leads and understand the no. of Activities completed to qualify that Lead. It would be best to use Custom Activity types to allow for accurate reporting.

    If you can capture as much data as you can via Custom Fields within Leads, then you can report on that data if on the Pro Plan. When the Lead is Converted to a Deal then Deal conversion rates and Deal cycles are there for tracking.

    I hope this has helped :)