Custom Tables in Pipedrive?

Jay Graves
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We have several functions we do with Organizations that are not necessarily records that fit anywhere else. For example, using a third-party tool (Quickbase) we have built a custom workflow that lets us record our interaction with clients' social media accounts. Another keeps track of every time we have mentioned an account in our publication. Keeping the data in sync is a nightmare - Pipedrive Organizations/People have become our "golden record" and we need to keep everyone working there and not constantly dealing "everything broke when we merged duplicates".

How about custom tables in Pipedrive? Custom fields in key tables already exist. 1-to-many related tables would be an incredible asset to making Pipedrive the single source of truth within a company. If not that, then how about an integration of Organization and People record with solutions like Airtable, Smartsheets, or Google Tables?

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