Email automation/text reminders with Scheduler

Elisa.medboard Member Posts: 2
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I think Scheduler could offer email/text reminders as a feature to ensure prospects do not forget the meeting

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  • Graham Cox
    Graham Cox Member Posts: 154
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    1000% yes to this, it would be a massive time saver and increase efficiency.

  • Felix Brumme
    Felix Brumme Member Posts: 27
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    I just built some complex automations a few days ago where I use Zapier to trigger a mail automation in PD. So YES such a function is clearly missing in Pipedrive!

  • Todd Pitcher
    Todd Pitcher Member Posts: 2
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    I need this! Please add this as a feature

  • pergatto
    pergatto Member Posts: 6
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    I need this too! Please add this as a feature 🙏

  • LouiseB
    LouiseB Member Posts: 6
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    Oui !! Intéressée aussi par cette fonctionnalité !