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I'm a mortgage broker and it's really frustrating that the related person's standard and custom fields are not available to use on the doc templates, just the person's. Many mortgages are joint applications which means I need to include both applicant's field data in the document.

For example, if I'm doing a life insurance quote for a couple, I need to send a joint product suitability report. As part of that, I need to state on the doc whether each client is in good health, or a smoker and I have custom person fields to capture that info. I hope that makes sense.

To me, it's a major flaw this functionality isn't available. There must be hundreds of use cases where two applicant's or two people's data needs to be inserted into the doc template. It's not like you havn't considered it, because the related person's full name is available. But that's about it.

On a related note, to automate the insertion of the related person's first name, I have to go to the ridiculous lengths of using zapier to grab the full name and place it in a seperate custom field which I've called related person first name. Weirdly pipedrive will then find that field in the doc templates, but it won't allow me to drag in any other field data for that related person. See this video:

Please can you let me know if/when these issues are going to be fixed. I can't be the only one who would find this useful. Thanks.

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  • Graham Cox
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    Ok, I can see why it's picking up the related person first name field because it's actually a field on the main contact person. Sorry, confusing myself. But my main issue/request to be able to access the related person's field data still stands. Thank you.