Why is the revenue forecast NOT based on deals won, but deals open?

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I am suprised the revenue forecast isn't based on the deals won rather than on deals open.

I have won some deals and they are recurring subscriptions. I've already set them up as "recurring, infinite cycles" in their profile, but they then don't appear in future forecasts.

The reason why the deal doesn't appear in the future forecast is that it is "won" and Pipedrive automatically considers a deal closed when won or lost. Support suggested initially leaving the deal open but I pointed out that if I don't set it as "won", it would affect also my conversion rate forecast of how many deals I've won per leads.

Support then suggested "keeping it open as long as you're taking revenue from it. I can suggest creating a new pipeline for deals like this, for instance, to declutter your vision"

We already have another pipeline for won deals/subscribers but I am not sure I am a big fan of this duplication of deals.

Surely, the future forecast should be based on won deals.

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