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Hi all,

Whenever our sales team creates a deal in pipedrive they have to select the products/amounts they have sold. Once the deal is won we have an automated workflow in which there is a mail sent to our distribution center. Currently, the sales team has to write down the products they have sold in a customized field called "order" in the details section of the deal. This customized field is then taken into the automated e-mail.

I would like to skip this part and get the products chosen for the order in the emails automatically. However, I cannot select "Products" as an input field in the automated e-mails. Is there anyone that has an idea how to do this?


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    Hey there!

    Product placeholders cannot be used in automated emails or in email templates at the moment, but can be used in inside a product table when creating a document via Smart Docs. The issue here is that these documents cannot be automatically sent out via automation, which leave us with not many options for a better workaround.

    I would say the workaround you have in place at the moment seems like a good one, and while skipping this bit is not a possibility, I will make sure to forward your suggestion to our Product Team.

    Thank you.

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    We have the same issue: products/prices is not possible to include as a data field in e-mails. Would be a significant improvement for us to have the possibility

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