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As you are already aware this are needs a lot of work. You will notice this section is impossible to run reports of year end orders that might be placed, for example. You can see its impossible to run reports for yearly Urban Accessories,Urban Accessories-Frames,Urban Accessories-Tree Guards,  Tree Grates, Madrax-Bike Racks+Lockers, HCD Planters, Deco-Retaining & Planter Wall Systems. Having only the ability to run a Deal only report isn't helpful if more that one manufacture/product type is on a deal.

There are many more issues with this part of Pipedrive but this is our primary focus as this is something we urgently need...what good is the Deal section of Pipedrive if we cannot get reports/filters?

I’m getting a LOT of grief over this. Have they done Beta testing yet? I will do agree to being a Beta Tester as we need this area as fast as we can get it.

Call if it’s easier to discuss. 

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