Linking a deal to a contact: Usability improvements

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Current workflow in Pipedrive:

  • Open a deal (which is linked to an organization)
  • Open the linked organization in a new browser tab to view the names of the employees + memorize (or copy) the name of the relevant employee
  • Go back to the browser tab with the deal
  • Click "Link contact"
  • Click into search field (because input doesn't have focus)
  • Type the name of the employee into the search field (or paste it)
  • Select the employee from the dropdown
  • Click "Link contact" (Enter doesn't work)

I have to link contacts to deals dozens of times a week. The workflow described above is very slow, because it needs too much time to find the correct contact and to link it.

Feature request for faster linking a contact to a deal:

1. After clicking the "Link contact" button at the page showing a specific deal, focus the input field, so that I can start typing right away (so that I don't need to move the mouse to the input and click into that input).

2. In the dropdown with matching contacts always show the (matching) contacts associated to the organization of the deal at the very top. Reason: In 99% of all cases, I want to link the deal to an employee of the organization which is linked to the deal. Currently I have to remember or lookup the name of the employee and type it into the input until I found the correct match.

3. In the dropdown filter also allow to search by a substring of the email address (let it be beginning, middle or end of the email address). Currently the part of the email address which I enter needs to match the beginning of the email address.

4. After selecting an entry (either with the cursor keys or by clicking), allow to confirm that contact by pressing Enter. Currently I have to click on "Link the contact".

IMO the above changes would help to speed up the daily routine of linking a deal to a contact a lot.

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