Campaigns by Pipedrive and Workflow Automations

Workflow automations still cannot be created based on recipient activity. I was able to use WF automations to create an activity each time someone opened/clicked in an email with Mailigen, sadly this is not the case with Campaigns.

I have noticed that this was enquired about a while ago but there is still no solution. Pipedrive please advise, When will this feature become available?


  • Leonardo Zimmermann
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    Hey there!

    Triggering automations by actions made on a Campaign is currently still not a possibility. After the launch of the Campaigns feature, we have released the Automated Campaigns feature (currently in BETA) for specific plans (you can read more about it here) - but for now, sending out Campaigns is the only possible action for automations that envolve this feature.

    I will make sure to forward your suggestion to our Product team for enhanced visibility. Thank you very much for that!