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I'm trying to set up this scenario with visibility groups, but I'm having issues:

  • some users, let's say group A, have to see all leads/deals/contacts
  • some others users, group B, should only see their own leads/deals/contacts
  • ownership of leads/deals/contact can change from someone in group A to someone in group B, or from someone in group B to group A

I tried to configure two visibility groups, one "group A", with a default visibility set to "Owner's visibility group", and a "group B", child of group A, with a default visibility set to "Owner only".

This works, as long as there is no ownership change. If the owner of a deal change from group B to group A, as the visibility is still "owner only", only the owner can see the deal, not all group A.

Is there a way to use the visibility groups only based on the "viewer", not on the "owner" ?

Someone suggested to me to use automations to change the visibility parameters when the owner changes, but it's not possible, because the visibility group is not available in the filters for automations, I'd have to select user by user.

Any idea ?




  • CarlosPD

    Hey @Mathieu Lemaitre !👋🏼

    I certainly see how you are coming across some limitations here. This is good area for feedback which we can bring up on our Ideas and Product Feedback page.

    To clarify a few points, if Group A is set to "Owner's visibility group", and Group B, a subgroup of Group A is set to "Owner only", users in Group A will be able to see items owned by people in Group B, regardless of the visibility applied to those items. This is because Group A is the parent group of Group B. Parent groups always have visibility of their subgroups.

    Considering this, if an item is moved from Group A, to Group B, it will still have "Owner's visibility group" as the visibility. So everyone in Group B will be able to see that item.

    If an item is moved from Group B, to Group A, it will still have "Owner only" as the visibility. So only the owner of the item in Group A will be able to see it. No one else in group A will be able too (Unless they are a deals Admin).

    I understand this is not what you are wanting, but there may be option for a workaround still using our workflow automations feature. This will depend however on the amount of users on the account. You'd need to basically make an automation for each user, and specify in the action which visibility to apply to that user's newly assigned items.

    For example a deal being assigned to a user in Group B would look like:

    I understand that if you have alot of user's, this workaround would not be feasible. For this reason I'd advise forwarded feedback to the page mentioned previously. I will forward a request internally aswell.

    If you don't however have too many users, this workaround may work for you in the meantime. If you have any additional questions, please feel free to contact or open up a live-chat so we can discuss this further with you.

    Hope this helps!

  • Mathieu Lemaitre

    Hi @CarlosPD

    Thanks for your answer. You summed up my problem correctly. I didn't find the "ideas and feedback" page, that's why I posted here. I'll forward my message to the page you mentioned.

    Indeed, I have too many users and too much turnover for the solution you are talking about to be usable in my case.



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