Filter data based on Update Date field

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I'm trying to fetch incremental data for a data migration requirement. Need to load Pipedrive data into a SQL db daily basis as incremental loads. To do this I need to fetch data using Update Time field. I tried on many resources available on internet, but couldn't find any solution. Please help me with this issue?


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    Hey @thisarar !👋🏼

    I see you have been waiting some time for a response on this one, sorry for the delay! It may be best however to post this question on our Developer's Community instead of here.

    I am no developer myself, but it sounds like you are wanting to get data based on the update time. I believe the best way to do this, is to create a filter in Pipedrive with the criteria you wanting for these update times. Then on your request, you can just apply this filters ID so the data you get matches the result of the filter.

    If I am not understanding correctly, I'd again follow up on the Developer's Community. You can also contact our support if you are needing assistance. We have live chat or available anytime 24/7.

    Hope this helps!