Auto update when there is a delay in webhook queue processing

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Today my team experienced a delay in webhook events being delivered to our registered webhook endpoints, which we use to drive a custom integration with our own internal systems. Normally there's no issue with webhook events being delivered near real time, which is great, so when we experienced this delay that seemed to last ~30 minutes, with only sporadic updates in the meantime, it was definitely odd.

I checked the page and didn't see any notice for delays in sending webhook events. I always visit the status page when anything is off first before starting a chat with support.

When I didn't see any notice, I started a chat to see if anything else could be wrong, to make sure it's not something specific to our account, etc. The support agent checked themselves but didn't see anything internally, but later had a similar report, and maybe someone else internally wrote a message about delays in processing the webhook events queue being inevitable eventually.

My suggestion is to create some automation that updates the page when there is an increased queue size for processing webhook events that could cause a delay (and for similar issues in general). If that were in place, I and probably some other developers wouldn't need to bombard chat support with 'is this broken for everyone or just me?' requests.

Below is a graph of all the requests we get for any create/update/delete event to any entity in our Pipedrive account, with a lull starting at 3:45pm and then a sudden spike at 4:30pm, presumably when the queue was worked through quickly.

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    I second this. In the past there have been periods of big webhook delays and currently we're experiencing a very consistent ~6-10 minute delay during the day.