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I have a few questions about document management.

What is Smart Docs vs. Panda Docs?

For the document management system, how does it work? What’s the difference between linking OneDrive and uploading directly on the Contact card?

If we upload documents on a deal, does it push to the contact card?

Is there a way to link all of them together? Deal, contact card and OneDrive?

I know I had a few questions but figured one thread since it's the same subject.

Thank you!


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    Smartdocs is the add-on from Pipedrive.

    Panda docs is another software where you can have dedicate box into the deal view.

    The difference between linking onedrive and uploading directly is the storage location. For Onedrive, you will find a link of the document into pipedrive but the document is stocked into Onedrive. On the other way, uploading a document into the contact is just a simple document that you put on it and which storage by Pipedrive itself.

    If we upload documents on a deal, does it push to the contact card? => YES

    You will find the information into the deal view and contact by selecting documents for onedrive and folders for pipedrive.

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    So what would be the difference between Panda vs Smart Docs?

    I am looking to do two things.

    1. Send out a custom document in which the fields will automatically fill out the info on the deal or contact card
    2. Send out forms for the client to sign but for those forms to stay on the deal

    The form will be sent via automated email, the client fills it and then it fills in the fields needed.