Projects Filters and Contacts

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I need to be able to filter my many projects based on any fields that I may have available, including custom fields that I have added to projects...

Because I am managing many projects it would be most helpful to create & save these filtered views!

Also - as I have requested in a separate tech discussion, I need projects to have numerous contacts assigned to them. For the non-profit I manage, our project teams are comprised of many contacts with various roles in the project. It would be very helpful to have the ability to link numerous contacts to numerous projects in a many-to-many type relationship...

I have a very awkward temporary approach with a custom multiple options field for contacts. The field lists "project names" to pick from for a contact. However, my manual "project names" list for that field is not linked to any actual Pipedrive projects. So, as new projects are added, or I change the name of a real project, the custom field becomes out-of-date and more or less useless.

Hope you can implement some new features for projects like this asap!

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