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We have below query for e-signature customizations which are available in below path:

Company Settings>Tools and apps>Documents>Customization

Query 1: Alignment of text in custom e-signature custom message:

We have the option to enter a custom message in e-signatures via the above path

When we add a message in this field, the text shows as right aligned. However when the custom message mail is sent, the text displayed in the mail is middle aligned.

Is it possible to text left aligned in the email sent.

Query 2. Hyperlink of text:

We are not able to add a hyperlink to any text in the custom message. Due to this we have to mention the entire link in the custom message text which does not look appealing.

Is it possible to use hyperlinks in the custom text

Query 3. Adding HTML code in custom message:

Is it possible to add HTML code in the custom message

Query 4. Adding images in custom message:

We would like to add images to the mail content in e-signature custom message. As of now we do not see an option to add images.

Is it possible to add Images in the custom message

Any help on the above will be appreciated!

Thank you.

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    Hey, @Pranab Deshpande!

    Response to query 1: the custom message composer is a text field that shows the text aligned like this, and does not reflect the alignment used when the email is sent. The email that goes out to request the signature, however, has a different (standardised) alignment, showing the custom message like this - which cannot be edited as well. This means that for now these are the only formats available, but I will share your feedback with the team!

    Response to queries 2, 3 and 4: using hyperlinks, adding HTML and adding images to e-signature custom messages are great suggestions, since those are not possible at the moment. The feature is fairly new and follows a simplistic structure for now, since the goal of custom messages is to have a standardised format that works as a "warning" for customers that they were invited to sign a document - and is not intended to be edited when it comes to its format. That said, the feature does have lots of room for improvement and your ideas are much appreciated, so I will make sure to share them all with the team.

    Thank you.