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I believe that having the option to setup your products with a subscription pricing method as an option instead of just total cost of a deal, this would be helpful when using the forcasting tool. As the Insights will be skewed with revenue if it is forecast all in one month when actually it is spread out monthly or quarterly under the subscription model. In todays ever more subscription based world, I feel this would be a simpler way to track this type of revenue. Currently this can be done, but it has to get setup for each individual deal under revenue. Where as if you could set it up on the products that are associated with the deal, then it could be setup correctly from the time you associate a product with a deal.

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  • Agreed. This would be very convenient to have.

  • Pedro Manuel Gonçalves Franco
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    Hi @Matthew Baran and @Sven Amann_76110 ,

    I completely see the use case. In 2023 we are focusing in improving the Products Catalog with several features.

    Could you send the improvements you would like in Products Catalog for us to take in consideration?

  • Yes I will get something down and send it to you. Thank you.

  • Pedro - What we are looking to do, is have the ability to add subscription revenue with the reoccurring cycle to a product. Currently in Product you can only add an annual or onetime revenue number for it. So this help in tracking annual revenue, however it skews cashflow numbers as we do not receive all of the revenue up front when a deal closes. So what I see is taking the subscription capabilities from the client record under revenue and allowing them to be applied to the revenue on a product. That way when add a product to a deal with the proper revenue allocation, the forecasting is more accurate and it also enables you to enter it once on a client and not have to add the subscription to each client. One improvement would be to have the subscription module be able to calculate partial month/quarter billing. For example $120,000 in revenue billed quarterly January, April, July, October, but you close the deal in August, the next billing cycle would be October but you need to get paid for August and September, it would know that $20,000 would need to be billed in August on the closing date and then it would adjust to the full amount in October of $30,000. Having this as an option to toggle would be helpful, because if a company bills quarterly on the same months this would be very helpful, though they may just bill quarterly on the anniversary of the deal closing and then it would not be needed. So perhaps a "Prorated" quarter option.

    If you need more input, please let me know.

    Thank you for you consideration.





  • Ash
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    This would be really helpful @Pedro Manuel Gonçalves Franco so I second it. In short:

    I want to be able to create a product that has a recurring revenue value.

    I want to be able to add multiple products onto a single deal, and have those revenue values add up to reflect total monthly value for a deal.

    I want to be able to apply discounts to certain periods of those products individually or collectively on a deal.

    I want to be able to have the total value of that deal represented somewhere for ARR/forecast, but that total value not impact my MRR/forecast when a deal is won or lost in any particular month.

    Hope this helps, also, is there any update on what is coming out in 2023 and when? This will influence my decision to purchase Pipedrive.