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Is it possible to add custom fields in the products table? We are manufacturing manhole covers, and the square meters of the covers is an essential tracker in our production. Therefore it would so great if we can follow this in Pipedrive. This of course needs to be included in reports, so we just don't have numbers, prices etc. in the report, but also how many square meters can be expected to be landed as orders.

BR Soren


  • Pedro Manuel Gonçalves Franco
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    Hi Soren,

    Pedro here. Products is not integrated with Insights currently to build this type of report.

    When do you mention custom fields, is it including in Smart Docs?

    Currently, in Smart Docs it is possible to add Product custom fields in both Document and Template editor. Let me know if you are talking about another Product table 🙂

  • Hi Pedro

    I was thinking of something like this:

    But I haven't thought about Smart Docs. I'll take a look at that, and see if that can bring me closer to something usefull.

    BR Soren