CHANGE_SOURCE for webhooks is API for bulk edits (should be APP)

Holger Kreißl
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currently the CHANGE_SOURCE for webhooks returns "API" and not "APP" if an update by a user is done using a bulk edit (select muliple deals or persons and update a field value).

Because the update is done NOT over API but by a user the CHANGE_SOURCE should be "APP".

The current behavior causes unresovable issues using pipedrive API.

Think of following scenario:

  1. A webhook triggers an external logic that calculates and updates a custom pipedrive field
  2. The webhook is triggered again by the update due the webhook
  3. The external logic provides a simple solution against cyclic loops: if CHANGE_SOURCE = API then abort
  4. If an update is done by bulk edit, the external logic never runs because CHANGE_SOURCE is set to API here

This seems to be a conceptional issue and should be fixed. Otherwise there should be another field in the payload, that indicates if a change was done by using the API or by a user action in the UI.

I hope you can help here.



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  • Aivis
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    The issue above is very well explained, and there doesn't seem to be any workaround.

    The only field which could be used seems to be `is_bulk_update: true`. However, it's set to true whenever API performs batch operations. So it is not reliable.

    Is there any plan to fix this?

    This is a pretty critical issue for data-intensive systems.