How I am prospecting using Pipedrive

I thought I would share details on how I am using Pipedrive to prospect for new leads.

I am using LinkedIn Sales Nav to create account lists, which I am then generating lead lists from - matching on prospect target attributes.

Once I extract the lead list details into a csv, I upload to Pipedrive.

I have automated campaigns that are set to trigger on the Update of a Person, with conditions for different automations (I don't use Person created as a trigger, as there are many ways to create a person). Basically I'm triggering the automation by setting a value on a Person attribute to match the condition in an automation.

The automation sends a number of campaigns with delays between each and a condition to check that the Person attribute has not changed (I change it if they become a lead, deal etc).

The question of GDPR sometimes comes up, I am using legitimate interest as a test of sending an email, and only sending to business domains, with of course an opt-out link in the campaign. B2B emails are slightly different under GDPR but the fundamentals of GDPR should be followed.

The triggering of the automation by updating (bulk update) of the Persons uploaded feels a bit clumsy and there isn't any reporting or analytics on automations as far as I can tell.

What do people think of the above approach?

One thing to watch out for, if your account comes under review after you do an import, and therefore trigger an automation, the review can cause your campaigns not to be sent, and from my experience causes the automation to fail - leaving you with unfinished automations for some uploaded Persons - not having access to how far the automation got for each Person makes it difficult to recover from (you can manually check each one, but this isn't practical for a large number)