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Blair Bondar
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Is there a way to have more than one label per contact?

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  • Boris Tsibelman
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    Hi Blair,


    Currently there is no way to have more than one label per contact. 

  • Mike van der Valk
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    Hi @Blair Bondar 

    What Boris says is right. I've passed on your feedback though internally. In the meanwhile you could try a custom multiple- or single option field to create more labelling options, these are however without visual indicators, but you can still filter on the value in the fields.

    Have a great day!

  • Jono Pinsky_6710
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    @Mike van der Valk Ditto to what @Boris Tsibelman said...

    A standard feature allowing more than one label is essential for us. We will implement a custom field for now, but it seems like individual contacts could often fit into more than just one category for lots of users.

  • Jeremy Freeman
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    Agreed - we need more than one label for different contacts.  

  • Hamish Smyth
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    +1 to add this feature


  • Robert McFeely
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    Absolutely.  Labels are almost useless unless I can add multiple labels.  Silly really

  • Jeremy Freeman
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    Pipedrive - this must be a simple thing to initiate?

  • Xavier Kluyskens
    Xavier Kluyskens Posts: 1
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    I agree to add this feature

  • David Pearson_35823
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    100% agree with this, we sell multiple products to single contacts and multiple labels would be a brilliant (essential) addition.

  • Wes Siepiela
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    I also upvote this!

  • Liviu Sima
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    I also upvote this feature!

  • Marlon Drinkwaard
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    '@ Pipedrive! Any news regarding this feature? 

  • Rodrigo Russell
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    Absolutely essential for us. We've discussed so many times internally ways to have a workaround. It would really make our lives easier. Upvote! Multiple products, channels, outbound strategies, different types of qualification, tiers, etc etc

  • Pedro Martinho
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    This is an absolute priority. For full provenance vision on insights, we should be able to have several labels.

  • Dan Sheetz
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    +1 this is sorely needed

  • Hallidays
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    Yes please - but also on Deals 

  • Wolf Krammel
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    YES, multiple labels makes a lot of sense and sad to see NO RESPONSE from support on this even.

    I believe pipedrive suggest setting up a CUSTOM FIELD with multiple choices to overcome this for now

  • Andreia Freixo
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    Hey everyone,

    Thank you so much for your feedback. It is really important for us to understand our clients' needs and to keep improving. I have once more advised our product team that this feature has been requested. We forward all customer feedback directly to our product team through an internal channel, so I can ensure you that your feedback is valued and taken into consideration for future product improvements. 

    For now, you can add single-option or multiple-option custom fields to your items. This will allow you to filter and find deals/contacts/leads linked to values from those fields. If you have any trouble setting up those, please reach out to our lovely support team through in-app chat or through email ([email protected]) and they will help you out.

    Have a lovely day!

  • Charity Staudenraus
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    Another vote! I need to be able to track labels and show in our Insights. More than one label is absolutely critical.

  • Katarina Ebert
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    Is there an update yet? Feb 2022 - still only one label per customer.

  • Chris Post
    Chris Post Posts: 1
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    Seriously what is taking so long for such a simple and obvious need for customers?

  • Stefan Tingwall
    Stefan Tingwall Posts: 1
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    Agree. We also like to have more the one label. 

    @PipeDrive What's the status?

  • Kate Foister
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    Agree.  I would like multiple labels on Organizations vs: creating custom fields.  

  • Shannon Amspacher
    edited June 2022 #25

    I've been following this thread for several weeks/months? and feel the need to add my voice to endorse the need for what seems to be a very simple feature that will be very useful to so many. Please add this feature ASAP Pipedrive!!

  • Gijs de Laat_56524
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    please add this!!!!!

  • Jason Richards_74752
    edited March 2022 #27

    Yes please!

  • Vítor Clemon
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    That would be really helpful.

  • Morten Steinmejer_76596
    edited April 2022 #29

    Agree,really need this feature.

  • Niklas Karoly
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    Also need it, please add it

  • Don Glasgow
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    Yes, please!  Or, add a separate TAG function with a similar visual indicator in searches if the label can't be used this way.  Thanks!