More than one Label per contact



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    Any news here on this topic? Would really be helpful

  • Ann Sison
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    Any updates on this? I love that we can now have multiple labels on deals but we NEED to have this feature under person and organization level as well.

  • TA
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    Yes, absolutely need this feature! Any updates on multi-labels?

  • TXwildman
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    I agree, it would be so helpful to have it for people and organizations as well

  • jmusialek
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    I'm going to choose Pipedrive as my default CRM, but what I'm seeing does not help me to follow this lead.

    1. Since 2020 we've been telling you we need multiple labels
    2. I need multiple labels
    3. All other CRM have multiple labels

    a/ Zoho

    b/ LiveSpace

    c/ HubSpot

    d/ Zendesk

    e/ Salesforce

    4. I know that requires you to change your database, but is a simple solution one relation many to many, and the job is done. I'm sure that you can do it in a month if you want to. So instead of ignoring us, write back when it will be done, this will help us to understand how we can operate

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    +1, get things done, please

  • @Product Innovation @pipedrive_ux - I'm not sure if these are the right contacts to tag, but it seemed right.

    Any update on being able to add multiple labels to a contact?

    For example, I work with agencies that have different account teams. I would like to have a label for the agency ("XYZ Agency") and then a second label for the team ("ABC Account Team") on a single contact.

    I see comments on this back to 2020 and would love an update on when this feature will be added. Thanks!

  • @Maris Palopääl - tagging you on this thread as you were super helpful with the Dark Mode feature.

    Is there a way to add multiple Labels to a single contact?

  • jmusialek
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    Pipe wake wake :)...

  • Andrea Haley
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    +1 - Is there any update on this? Seems silly to have a label function without being able to classify one person or org as more than one thing. This doesn't seem like a challenging update to make....?

  • Manuel Oliveira
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    Hi everyone, there will be an update on this matter soon; stay tuned!

  • Lee W
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    @Pipedriveadmin - What is the status on this please?

    Is this planned as a future enhancement?

    Kind regards

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    Hope this update is coming sooner than later!

    Thanx in advance!