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This is an appreciation post for the Smart Docs Addon in Pipedrive and I am guilty of sleeping on it forever. Just started digging into it and realize how powerful it is.

There could be others like me, which brings me to my question:

What are some challenges with Smart Docs that you are facing?

If you're, why are you using other solutions like Pandadoc, BetterProposals, etc. over Smart Docs?


  • Grant_62076
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    We need the Smart Docs feature to be able to save signature/text/check box fields for future use. It's unusable at this time without that feature.

  • Josh Buesking
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    Smart Docs is great. I love it.

    Only thing I wish is that there was some sort of trigger via api when a document was created.

  • Pedro Manuel Gonçalves Franco
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    Pedro, Engineering manager from Smart Docs team.

    @Grant_62076 are you referring to signature templates where you could configure once the fields and could apply to a given document?

    @Josh Buesking what actions would you need when a document is created?

  • Grant_62076
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    Hi Pedro,

    That's exactly right. We need to be able to save signature/text/checkbox fields on documents for future use. At the moment, this happens right before you send (after clicking "Request signatures"). The problem is that for documents with a lot of fields, we have to manually add them every time we want to send a document which is both time-consuming and prone to error.

    This would be such a useful feature if we were able to use it to replace DocuSign but at the moment we can't due to the above issue.


  • Jan Bons
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    I would like to know if you can import products into the smart docs ad-on ?


    Jan Bons

  • Pipedrive User 164
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    I'm looking to use a smart doc as a survey / questionnaire for prospects. I see that drop down can be added to a document for selections to be made by the reader. However, is it possible for a text box to be added where the reader can write a sentence or two as well? Essentially I am looking to capture text writing from the reader in the document.

    I am also interested to know that if we used the feature that allows for an unformatted page and made the background dark (black) to the readers have an option to print a more printer friendly black and white version?