How to get all Email Messages from Pipedrive API

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How to know the id of all email messages/threads so, we can pass that id's in Email/Threads APIs and get complete email message data from Pipedrive?



  • Manuel Oliveira
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    Hi @py11 , for more information on this possibility please check out our API documentation here. And you can get answers all matters of development and API directly from our developer community.

  • py11
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    @Manuel Oliveira , I have gone through the documentation, but the problem is I want to download all the email messages but I don't know the IDs of messages or at least the max ID, so I can loop through all till max Id.

    Or is there any other way to download email messages in bulk?

  • Leonardo Zimmermann
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    Hey, @py11.

    With APIs you can download sender, receiver, subject e snippet by using the "get all threads" endpoint.

    Downloading email messages, on the other hand, is not a possibility since emails are not stored inside Pipedrive - they are simply mirrored from your provider. With that in mind, this is something you have to investigate with your email provider directly.

    I hope this helps!

  • py11
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    Thanks for response @Leonardo Zimmermann , But using "get all threads" I can get all threads from inbox of the user through which I am connecting.

    I want to get all email threads for all users in the system. Is there any way to do that?