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I think it would be helpful to give people multiple labels. Some labels may refer to where they are in the sales process but other may be industry, sector, or a custom label that makes them easier to filter and search.

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  • Rene H
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    Hi Matěj

    Thank you for this feedback! I totally agree, labels/tags are a brilliant way to organize pretty much everything and this idea isn't lost on us either.

    The good news is that we're adding multiple label support shortly. We start from adding it to deals very soon - actually if everything goes according to plan, then you should already see them by the end of next week.

    After this we'll start working on adding them to Persons and Organizations as well, can't promise on an exact date yet but first half of this year.

  • Abhi
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    @Rene H Cheers for the update

  • mscottford
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    I'm excited to hear that this is on the roadmap. Any updates on how far along this is?

  • davedingman
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    Multiple Label capability for the People records is a no-brainer, I don't see that it is available yet as of April 3, 2023, am I correct?

  • Abhi
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    @davedingman I know, it should already be a feature and yeah it's still not available yet :'(🐬

  • magnushammar
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    Edit: I realize now that it already exists, but it would be nice with the fancy colorful design from labels :)

    We would love to be able to define a tags field, as a custom field, letting label be what it is today. An example of how we would implement it is as follows.

    We have sales contacts and student contacts and for many smaller companies a contact is both sales and student. Thus, we would like to implement a tag field where we, stealing the design concept from labels would be able to create multiple tags for a contacts (and organization):

    Person 1: sales,student

    Person 2: sales