Issue with custom field type of numbers in Pipedrive API

Harald Neuner
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Lately we experienced an issue with Pipedrive API and custom field type of numbers. While performing a search from the values of a specific field with only full exact matches against the given term, the empty result was returned from Pipedrive API. The problem is that when we are trying to search for deal by custom field in a format '9999', but in Pipedrive it’s saved as '9999.0' with decimal separator.

Example of a result from API call:

   success: true,
   data: [ { id: 'deal_id', "custom_field_key": '9999.0' } ],
   additional_data: { start: 0, linit: 100, more_items_in_collection: false },

Even thought in Pipedrive interface the custom field value looks as expected '9999'. How this could be explained?

Thank you.


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