[Feature request] Pipeline views which show only selected stages of a pipeline

Thomas Szteliga
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it would be great to have something like Pipeline Views, which would allow us to select visible stages of a pipeline.

For example - our current pipeline has 12 stages but our teammates responsible for invoicing don't really need to see what's going on in stages 1-9, they only need to see stages 10,11,12.

Coworkers responsible for logistics only need to see stages 4, 9,10.

And so on.

Seeing all stages all the time can be overwhelming and requires a wide screen ;-)

So it would be great to have a possibility to have some kind of dropdown of Views for a Pipeline, each view with selected stages from this pipeline, like "Invoicing" (after selecting this only stages 10,11,12 are visible), "Logistics" (after selecting this only stages 4,9,10 are visible)...

Of course we should be able to name these Views in the same way we can give our stages individual names.

Wouldn't this be great?

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  • Jayna Brodeur
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    my company has to rearrange data often as we are a growing industry, and it would be great if when in a pipeline you could hide certain categories that you don't need to be viewing at any given time. we don't want to delete them- but it can get very overwhelming trying to look through things and it would be nice to eliminate the items that i am not working with from view.

  • Mike van der Valk
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    Hi Jayna, would like to understand your use case a bit better. How many stages do you have in your Pipeline. If you don't need a stage, isn't it better to redistribute amongst other stages. 

    It's definitely not recommended to have too many Pipelines and stages. It's always better to minimise things and use custom fields and filtering as options to filter out the data you're looking at.

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    Pipedrive comes with a minimalistic approach to CRM. While this is enough for many Pipedrive customers, some customers may still need some field...
  • Vygantas Lasys
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    Hi, my client has a very long and sofisticated selling cycle, so it would be a big advantage to be able to hide or fold specific pipeline stages for specific users. For example: first 3 stages in pipeline are used by salesmen, 4-7 by estimators, 8-12 only by salesman again. So estimators  are not interested in 1-3 and 8-12.  There is just not enough space for all these stages. 

  • dave ladouceur_7152
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    You CAN NOT SEE ANYTHING if there are too many stages you need to hide them.


  • Reiss Moore
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    This is a great idea! Can see many use cases for our business