Notifications and list view for Tasks

We want to be using the Task feature for assigning tasks to our dev and design team, but being as there is no place (that we have been able to find) where you can see a list of all of your tasks (similar to how you have the "Activities" list) this makes that feature unusable for us and we are having to assign EVERYTHING as an "Activity". (Not Ideal).

I have heard this feature may be coming soon. Is there any update as to when we should have the ability to get notifications and view "ALL Tasks Assigned to me" (or some similar title) in a list view?



  • You can create a filter, or create workflow automation

  • AJ Willoughby
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    More information please. Are we talking about Tasks in Projects? I hope so. Please explain how. I am talking about the difference between "Tasks" and "Activities" in the Projects. Not the Tasks that are created within an "Activity". Those are different when it comes to "Projects". Just making sure we are on the same page. I hope we are and you can explain how.

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    Hi @AJ Willoughby

    I just responded in the other thread too :)

    We'll hopefully get the task list view live next month. Notifications when tasks are assigned to you area already there at the moment.