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we'd like to give a quick feedback & some ieas on the current Messaging Beta including Twilio for Whatsapp. As we communicate through WhatsApp a lot, we're really in need for a solution to link the chats to our deals and make the process as much automated as we can.

We tried your Messaging Beta, but sadly had to move on to find another solution. Here are some aspects that affected our decision:

  • it's not possible to start new conversations using templates that sync to the messaging inbox. The only option right now is this Ulgebra window which is not useful as the sent messages are not being displayed in the messaging inbox. For us there has to be an option to reach out to clients by starting the chat from our side.
  • there is no chat window in the deal. Only the reference to the chat as a note. We'd really appreciate having a window the way it's already there for calls and e-mails. Otherwise, it's time-consuming to switch windows when you have to copy/paste or look up some details. The way it is right now, there's not a big advantage of having Whatsapp integrated into Twilio.

If there's any developement into that direction, we would be happy to reconsider using the Messaging Inbox. :)

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