New: Workflow automations list view and more! 🤖

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What: we are delivering on a number of popular requests!

  • You can see all workflows in the same tab
  • Admin users will be able to see the configuration of workflows made by others
  • Automation search bar: find workflows searching for name and description
  • Add up to 100 tags to your workflows
  • Filtering: sort your workflows by tags, triggers, actions, state, and owner

When: gradual release to start from the last week of December 2022


  • I would love if the system would save the most recent selections for viewing. Otherwise, it's not much different than before. If I edit an automation and return to the list, it reverts back to "Last updated" in "Reverse order".

    If I want to see a specific label, and sorting by the "workflow name" in descending order, then it should keep that view so when I'm done editing I don't have reselect.

    Here's a video showing what I'm experiencing: