Workflow Automation: Schedule based on time inside deal

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I would like to know if it's possible to auto create an activity to be due on a specific date AND time based on the deal's data fields. For example, if I'd like to auto create an activity for catering, I can have the activity 'due' on the event date listed inside the deal, but not the event time. I have to choose a specific time and then manually change the time inside the deal.

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  • Hi @HelenRuger

    You can have a custom date-time range field inside the deal and automate this using Make/Integromat.



  • Felix Brumme
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    We were only able to automate this in a roundabout way and use Zapier for this.

    You can change all changes in the deal via Zapier in PD. As a trigger for Zapier, you have to build a filter in PD that contains the date. (Date is exact or earlier than today)

    If you want to send a mail about such a date time-controlled directly from PD, then it is a bit more complicated:

    1. PD Preparation-Settings

    1.a) Create a filter in which the date field is used. (Date is exact or earlier than today)

    1.b) Create additional dropdown field for trigger "task xy todo" + "task done" (This trigger field can be extended for all such automations).

    2. Zapier part

    2.a) zapier trigger is: deal matches filter

    2.b) zapier action is: change trigger field in PD to todo

    4. automation in PD is triggered with the trigger field. 

    4. a) PD automation should wait for 8 hours (so you don't send the mail at midnight)

    4. b) PD automation send the mail 

    4 c) PD automation set the trigger field to done.