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Zachary Saidi
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Hello everyone ! We created an automatisation that send a mail automatically when we change status : but the mail is sent with the email of my boss (who created the automatisation) . Can't find out how to change because settings seem good!           And on the mail, on my signature I can see the image of myself, but when someone receive he sees only the name of the file ... Please help :) 


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    @Zachary Saidi 

    This is expected behaviour currently. The email is always sent with the email address of the user that built the automation. To avoid this each user should have their own automation with the option “Trigger by me only” enabled. This way the automation always uses the email address of the user who triggered it to send out that email.

    When it comes to the email signature issue. Could you send me a screenshot or some video to clarify what's going wrong now please?