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My colleague (with a Pipedrive account), created an activity with all needed information (as location, guests, description, contact, organisation...). We have the two-way sync, with "entire company" visibility. I accepted the invitation for the activity (as I am a guest this time), however: on the activity showed on my calendar, there is some missing information as for example the contact and organisation related to the activity.

It seems that as the activity is being created through the calendar sync, it doesn't bring all information to my Pipedrive calendar.

It is expected a future development to solve this part and bring the complete information of the activity to my calendar?

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    Have you checked this setting in the calendar sync settings?

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    Hello Amit, I tried as you suggested but the information on the activities is still missing.

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    Was this issue ever resolved? One of my sales reps is having a similar issue even after selecting "show contact and deal info. In this case, they're unable to see the contact and organization in Outlook. All that appear is the activity type and time. Wondering if he has to sync his contacts from Pipedrive to Outlook as well.