Additional Field Types --> "Table" & "Whole Numbers"

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Look at E-mails: We have the ability to save multiple E-mails to one contact. But this feature exists only there. I would like to have such a field in other places as well. 🙃

For example, we have partners with multiple locations and sometimes multiple websites as well. If we could enter this information in a field that expands like the mail addresses, it would make everything much clearer and would also give us the ability to automatically forward this data to follow-on systems and automatically create these locations in our system. 

Also, a field for whole numbers (i.e. without commas) would be very desirable. When we store IDs in the organization to match them with our system, sometimes people get the idea to write two IDs with commas in this field. 🤦 I don't understand why people keep doing this and would like to try to stop them. 🤷

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    Agreed on above. We work with automations and sometimes emails include links that do not work, because there's multiple in 1 field. We prefer having multiple fields available so we can separate those links for our partners