Automisation and date


Hello, I'm completely stunned to realize that a CRM like Pipedrive can't handle simple automations for its email campaigns. I'm thinking specifically about the ability to send a personalized campaign at a specific date. I see that Pipedrive has been working on this functionality for years. How do you explain that it is still not operational? 😒


  • Lucas MAGNE
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    Hey Fouad,

    It depends of what you are looking for, but Campaigns add-on works well today.

  • Fouad Souak
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    It always really depends on a lot of things. But in this case, I want to create an automated campaign to wish the birthday of my contacts. It is not possible to create such automation. That is to say, to trigger the campaign to a specific person on a specific date. I saw that Pipedrive had been working on this for years! Truly ?