WebForm Request to configure client confirmation email


We think lead webform have a missing feature: ability to add and configure and automated client confirmation email.

is this something in your roadmap?

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  • In order to configure a client confirmation email in a webform request, you will need to follow these general steps:

    1. Create a new email template in your webform platform or service. This template should include the information that you want to include in the confirmation email, such as a confirmation message, the client's contact information, and any additional details about the request.
    2. Add a "confirmation email" field to your webform. This field should allow the client to provide their email address so that the confirmation email can be sent to them.
    3. Configure the webform to send the confirmation email to the client's email address after the form is submitted. This can typically be done by setting up a "confirmation email" action in the webform settings.