# of Products in a Deal

Would prefer to the see number of products in Deal (listed on the top left under Deal name and next to Value) actually be the number of products you have added to the deal.  Not the Total qty of all the products.

If I have a Deal with 4 products in it...but each product has qty of say 50,000pcs, the current configuration shows 200,000 as the # of products in the Deal, which is misleading.  It should say 4 products.  You want to be able to quickly look at a deal in list view or detail view and see if it's a Deal with just one or more products.

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    Thank you for your feedback @Steve Michell , I can see how it would make sense to shift the perspective to how many varieties of products there are in a Deal instead of how many units.

    I've sent your suggestion to the team so they can consider it, as Products is a feature we've continually been working to improve and cross-reference with other parts of Pipedrive, namely the List View.