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Florian Eibl
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So is anyone already using Pipedrive projects as a complete alternative to tools like asana for example?

Ireally want to use only Pipedrive projects, but I don’t want every freelancer I work with see all my contacts, which means I need at least two visibility groups, right?

Therefore I need the 50€ per month plan + another 8€ for the projects.

Thats almost 60€ per user and for a CRM that’s ok, but only for task management, that’s expensive. So it would be nice if Projects could be bought separately.

My question is basically…is my calculation correct? 😁

Thank you!


  • Niels Przybilla
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    Hello @Florian Eibl ,

    as far as I understoof the 8 EUR you can book seperately for users who can only access project management.

    Best wishes


  • Florian Eibl
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    Thank you. Unfortunately there is no option to book the projects without having the deals app booked as well :(

  • Eedwards
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    We use Firmao in our company and we are satisfied. At Firmao, we run both CRM customer management and projects. Firmao replaced Asana in our company. It is now more convenient because we have 1 program for everything and it is more than 2x cheaper. Using of Firmao is very similar to Pipedrive/Asana. I think they just copied their functionality ;)