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I don’t consider this so much a new idea- rather a logical progression- I have started using Projects in Pipedrive and really like it and would like for them to sink with the app as i use the app and desktop interchangeably. Anyone out there also facing the same challenge?🙏🏻 It’s rather a disappointment & downside to “Projects” feature- I am relying more on the app once lead turns into a project.

Any thoughts?:)

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  • Good point, probably These Details will be deveopled Step by Step right @Pipedrive Gurus?

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    @Alex_Optimize_Inspire probably but better ask your pipedrive key account manager or the pipedrive support. Pipedrive is working constantly on upgrades and I think projects and campaigns will become a lot of cool features in the future. :).

  • Hey @Pipedrive Gurus , that sounds great, i was just curious about your experiences in terms of developing new features, but for sure i will also stay in touch with our key account manager😉🤙

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    It's great to hear that you are enjoying the projects feature in Pipedrive. Seamless synchronization between the app and desktop versions can indeed enhance the user experience and provide better flexibility. If you are facing challenges with the lack of synchronization between the two platforms, you are not alone. many users value the ability to switch between the site and desktop seamlessly, especially when managing projects that evolve from leads.