Bring Old E-Mail Conversations into Pipedrive

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Hi there,

I'm gradually moving old CRM data, especially e-mails to Pipedrive. This went well for e-mails from within the last year, but not for older e-mails. It would be great if there were some "import old mails" action.

The implementation and UX of that needs to figured out. Great would be

  • Dialog based: Since that is a one off thing that might be used multiple times it would be great to be able to select and/or configure e-mail sources through some connector information (IMAP as the most generic)
  • Be able to select or configure a folder or label to import
  • Be able to have a preview of what will be imported
  • Be able to "filter" the view so that only a filtered subset gets imported
  • Be able to specify what should happen with imported mails on the IMAP side of things (e.g. archive them straight away
  • Be able to have a labels on the imported side, especially some "imported batch #3" label to figure out if it catched all the mails one wanted to import



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