API endpoint to send emails (or a way to add pipedrives open mail tracking to outlook msg)


Hi, so here's the situation, Pipedrive's tab gets lost pretty quickly in my browser, but everytime I get an email, there's a big notification from outlook overlayed over everything, so autopilot kicks in, I click the notification and reply. Problem is, I would like to track some of those responses, it seems to me that 2 way sync would imply such a feature, but I suspect it does not. So I see a couple alternative solutions -

1) Outlook add-in that stops email message details on-send, gets tracking code from pipedrive API endpoint such as - /api/v1/mailbox/mailDrafts with "mail_tracking_open_mail: true", inserts tracking code into body content, resumes "send"

2) Outlook add-in with a taskpane that opens up to the appropriate email in pipedrive to remind the user to use pd inbox instead of outlook.

probably other ways to approach this too but it will probably need an outlook add-in regardless to intercept and add/reroute once the user hits send. I know you guys had one for a bit and got rid of it, you should consider just releasing it open-source if you don't intend to bring it back, at least it could be revived by the community for specific applications...


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    Hey, @novaDBA!

    As per what I understand, you would like to have an outlook extension that inserts Pipedrive tracking pixels in emails sent from outlook, or extension that reminds/redirects you to Pipedrive (from outlook) - is that correct?

    If that is indeed the case, I'm afraid this is not possible at this time, but we appreciate the feedback and will share it internally with our Product Team!

    Thank you :)