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When I try to collect a phone number and/or zip code from a Web Form, is there any way to perform data validation at the time of data entry/submittal similar to the email validation?

The Web Form will throw an error if someone doesn't enter an email address in the proper format, however, someone can enter "No Thanks" in my required phone number field and/or "XXX" in my required zip code field and the Web Form will accept the submission.


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    Not that I am aware of @El_Jefe.

    • No option to validate within the forms itself either natively or by applying masks;
    • No way to add custom js code to the form.

    The chatbot won't help you too.

    In the end you are better off doing custom forms if you absolutely need validation of phones. If I am being honest I get one bad phone in a hundred so I am not at all worried with this at this time.

    Hope it helps.