Filter contacts with deal in a certain pipeline

Hi. May sound like a dumb question, but how can I filter contacts that have a deal in a certain pipeline?

I want to mass-edit them (which I cant in the pipeline itself) but cant figure out what I did wrong.

I created a filter that contains:


Contact open deals is not 0.

Deal pipeline is "leadqualification".


Something seems wrong, since the number of shown contacts is different from the number of deals in that pipeline.



  • ddutra
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    That is how you do it. Please add another filter for deal status = open as lost deals are not shown on the pipeline.

    Is the number of persons higher then the number of deals?

    It could be that Pipedrive includes not only the persons that are the main contact on the deal but also the ones that are participants. Some of our deals have 10 contacts!

  • Try creating a filter under contacts with these conditions.