Email template formatting when copy and pasting text into email templates

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Email formatting issues for the recipient when copy and pasting text into email templates.

We have been through issues recently with copy and pasted content (pasted as plain text) into Email Template, which appears correct in the Template, but the recipient in either email provider Gmail or Outlook (whether browser or app) receives the email with formatting all incorrect, eg. extra paragraph lines.

The only way it was able to be rectified was re-typing the email out. This cannot be the way forward... how tedious.

It was not a 'fancy' email, it was a few paragraphs of text, and attachment at the bottom and one dynamic field for the recipient's first name.

We've been in contact with Support & Pipedrive Engineers about this already. Cleared cache, tried in incognito and other browsers & email providers. It's come down to copy & pasting content vs hard-typing it each time.... not ideal.

Anyone else having these issues?


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    Hi @jpoyser

    In this case when copy/pasting content to email, I would always suggest adding all information and then using the remove styling button. After all styling is removed, you can select the needed font size, etc for the specific template.

    However, as you were already in contact with our Support team - they were able to see your exact Template and make suggestions based on that.

  • Same issue here.

    Even if in PD I set everything to Arial 13, the size keeps different.

    And comes out in the sent email even worse.