Avoiding the email confirmation for 2 factor authentication?

Rodrigo Rojas
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How can I avoid the email confirmation for 2 factor authentication?

I work with several Pipedrive email accounts, for me, for my colleges if I want to make some changes I setup, clients, our support account, Etc. So I work with Safari and Chrome and sometimeS I need to open incognito windows to have 3 or 4 accounts at the same time to make testing. 

However since I work with campaigns activated in our account and in some other with clients, I receive this email around 70% of the times:

This process is very frustrating and would like to see if there is a workaround to work from example with Google Authenticator which allows to work pretty much faster. 

Is there is a way?


  • Kreete K
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    Thank you for the feedback. Currently, we don't offer an alternate for 2FA emails, but this is certainly something our team can look into for the future.