Automate lead creation

Hi folks.

We are testing the usage of messages function on pipedrive to receive WhatsApp communication from our website.

We need to automatically create an lead from the people who message us. Anyone has a solution for this ?

We are having to create it manually. But it generates an issue cause our reports of leads and conversions use the date of lead creation. Leads generated out of office ours are created on next day or next week, for leads that came on the weekend.

But for measuring and reports. Its a problem

Any ideas ?


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    Oi @Vinicius Siqueira como esta?

    Are you using the native Pipedrive feature (/leads/messaging) called WhatsApp by Twilio?

    Unfortunately an incoming WhatsApp message is not available as a trigger on Automations.

    You could hook up directly into Twilio by setting webhooks to an additional service that would 1) check if the lead exists on incoming messages by matching the phone number 2) create the lead if it does not exist.

    I have something like that running but I do not use WhatsApp by Twilio, instead I use another solution (Brazilian) called uTalk which I implemented long before PD released the feature. When someone messages our WhatsApp number an deal is created automatically if its the first time the person messages us.

    If you need help I am available for hire.

  • Oi @ddutra ... obrigado pela mensagem.

    Exatamente. A gente iniciou os testes com o WhatsApp + twilio dentro do Pipedrive.

    Do ponto de vista de uso esta bem legal. Mas a criação automática de leads ainda não acontece. Estamos tentando uma alternativa pra poder gerar melhores reports de conversão.

    Vou avaliar a dica dos webhooks parra ver se consigo fazer algo no twilio. Se tiver alguma dica com relação a isso. Agradeço muito.

    Obrigado e tenha uma ótima semana.

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    @Vinicius Siqueira what I would do is first set up some tool that can deal with incoming webhook data from Twilio.

    That would be either a google app script if you are a Gsuite client or some sort of web server. I personally use both depending on the scope. Or some similar tool.

    Then you would set up the webhook url endoints here:

    The logic would be something like this:

    • Incoming message hits the web service;
    • Get the number and sanitize it (remove +55, make it match the standard that you sales rep use);
    • Check if there is a person by that number on PD, if not, create the person;
    • Check if there is a lead associated with this person, if not, create the lead.

    I would pair that up with some sort of sanitation and standardization of all phone numbers in Pipedrive. I do that using Pipedrive webhook and everytime a deal gets updated if checks and makes sure the phone number is in the correct format for Brazil (no +55, area code, if mobile = 9 digits, if landline allows for 8 digits). This is to make sure that when the incoming message from WhatsApp hits the web service it does not end up creating a duplicate lead because your sales rep inputed the person phone without the 9th digit or if he added an extra 0 before the area code.

    Thats how I do it.

    If you need help implementing this I am available for hire.