Allow us to pass parameters to web forms and leadbooster

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This would allow us to associate data carried over from the person website visit to Pipedrive.

Lets say I have a tool which tracks all user interactions on my website and stores it associated with an id - {trackedWebsiteVisitorId}.

I have a call to action to convert which is a link to a pipedrive form. How can I associate this {trackedWebsiteVisitorId} to the pipedrive lead/deal that will be created?

It would be nice if we were able to pass parameters to the pipedrive form via URL.

On my side the link would look something like this:{formId}?tracked_website_visitor_id={trackedWebsiteVisitorId}.

On pipedrive`s side this data would have to be rendered on a hidden field and end up in a custom field within pipedrive.

The same goes for leadbooster. The leadbooster client js should allow me to push an event that associated a value to a custom field.

The goal? When a deal gets created I would be able to see the browsing history and google ads data on this tool. This would provide valuable insight.

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