Include a "From" field in your Email Automations

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We have a design team, a sales team and a marketing team. I set up automations for the entire company only to learn that these automations ALL get sent "from" me. It would be AWESOME if there was a field in the automation to set the "from" email.

This way each person on the team doesn't have to waste their time creating all their own automations. And then another person on the team has to do the same for department. And then another person on the team has to set up a bunch of new ones for their department.

Talk about the left hand not know what the right hand is doing....

What we want are company wide email automations that get triggered at certain stages and get sent "from" a specific department, without that department having to create their own set of automations.

One person could set up the entire automation series the entire company. Talk about super efficient. But with the way it works now, this is not possible.

I simple "From" field, added to the email automation would allow us to create a series of company wide automations with just one person doing it. And it would all get done in a matter of hours.

But instead we have to train each person how to setup automations (which in itself is not an easy task). And then rely (pray, hope) they get the series set up correctly.

Sure I understand the need for each individual to have the option to create and personalize their own automations. And this you do well.

But when if comes to a series of company wide automations Pipedrive fails miserably. And I just wasted two hours creating automations for our entire company only to learn that each email is now sent "From" me. I am the company CEO. So now emails about design, marketing and sales are all showing from me and there is no way to change them. We just have to recreate them all.

Ugh, what a waste.

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