Pipedrive best practices for Nonprofits?

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Hello Pipedrivers,

I am a freshly-hired Campaign Manager for a Nonprofit in Clackamas County, Oregon. I am familiarizing myself with Pipedrive in my onboarding process and trying to utilize it to its fullest capacities as our organization will likely be in an active capital campaign sometime in the next six months. We have an existing donor base, but wondering how other folks are using PD to really get their moves management and donor cultivation humming along. Looking for any/all techniques and tips for retroactive organizing, forward-looking efficiency, and (eventual) powerful data rendering.



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    Hello and thank you for your question 😁

    Well, since you will have a lot of different stakeholders within your process the most important first step is importing all the data of every contact, partner, sponsor, etc... that you have, into Pipedrive. You should import them as Contacts (People and/or Organisations), and use Custom Fields and Labels to help you segment all these different types of points of contact.

    After that you can start monitoring your process as Deals. As your industry is very specific I would recommend you to have a different Deal for each fundraising you have with each contact, as probably they will be dealt with separately, I'm assuming. You can also create different Pipelines, and have the different processes separated like that. For example, you will have one Pipeline for the process with Partners, and then another for Sponsorships, then another one for a bigger Campaign you are managing... Pipedrive is very customisable, so I am just sharing some ideas and things our clients related to Nonprofit do, but your way can be completely different if you wish, of course 🤗

    We also have some very useful Add-Ons that you can explore, such as, Campaigns and LeadBooster which will increase and optimize your lead generation and nurturing. We also have a Project Management tool, that can streamline the project itself and it's different owners.

    Sending you a page where you can have a full guide on how to setup your account for your Industry.

    Hope this helps!

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    @Beatriz Antunes , I have a related question...

    If we do fundraisings, say, Spring_2024_pledge_drive, I understand your comment above to mean that fundraiser to a single person should be a Deal. What should we use to group Deals into the Spring_2024_pledge_drive so that we can track all Deals under this drive/fundraising? We want to be able answer things like: Who all is in verbal commit (stage) for the spring 2024 pledge drive? How many donations have been made? How much $.

    Does my question make sense?

    We want to get this right from the beginning!

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    Great question, @kphutch and there are some great tips from @Beatriz Antunes there to get you headed in the right direction.

    A lot of the donation platforms (we use Donorbox) have their own CRM capabilities, but many of them integrate with Pipedrive so you can improve and nurture your donor relationships, as an example.

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    Hello @jeffs ! Well, it depends on how you would prefer to manage the information. I can share some ideas:

    1. We also can use Projects as the place to manage the Fundraising Event and the Deals for managing the partnerships specifically. So, anything related with value ($) would be connected with the deal, but if you need more logistical management, it would be through Projects.
    2. You can create a pipeline per event, and then have the deals within that event pipeline. However, the only downside to this would be, you will have a lot of pipelines in the future.

    When it comes to reporting, you are able to answer the questions you have above with our Insights. Feel free to explore these capabilities! I am sending you some videos to review this feature.

    Hope this helps 😊

    Let me know if you have any questions!